Using the World as a Tool to Learn About Physics & Renewable Energy

By Schuyler Semlear, Science

Fourth grade science students studied physics and renewable energy this spring. Since we were engaged in remote learning, students approached this study in a different way than fourth graders in past years. Below you can watch a few examples of their creative approach to this work.

As part of the Physics study, students created visual representations of waves, in particular the parts of a wave. Students created 3D models, videos, slideshows and posters to teach their classmates about parts of waves including; crest, trough, amplitude and wavelength. 

As part of the fourth grade renewable energy study, each student researched a renewable energy source of their choice. Students had the option to be creative with how they presented their information, from posters and slideshows to working 3D models. The renewable energy project was their final project in fourth grade science.

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