Bon Appétit! French Baking Inspires French Students

By Sylvie Larue, Middle School French Teacher

 I knew long before Spring Break that I would teach 6th grade French and replace Ms. Antonio who had a beautiful baby girl in March. Before she left to take care of her family, she told me that I had to teach two units about food and the city of Paris. In front of my computer during the vacations, I wrote a curriculum about how to order food at a restaurant and eventually found a dialogue online. The students learned the vocabulary, listened to pronunciations and intonations, and practiced reading the dialogue in our Zoom class. I prepared a slideshow with all the delicious food that the “customer” in the dialogue was ordering: Salade au chèvre chaud (goat cheese salad), boeuf bourguignon and tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is a specialty from the Center-Val de Loire region of France. It was accidentally created by two sisters, Stephanie and Caroline Tatin. Students were challenged to find out what had happened. We laughed a lot imagining what could have happened in that kitchen in the 1880s. Finally, students got it: the pie became an upside down tart because the chef had placed the tart in the oven the wrong way! To finish the class, we watched a cooking video to learn how to make this fabulous desert. Nothing else was expected. It was about sharing a good time together on Zoom. I posted the video on Gracenet and to my surprise the next day, Charlie had baked. On the weekend, I received photos and emails from Chloe, Bo, Olivia, Thea, Felix, Lulu…it was truly a treat. The video and  the lesson had inspired them. They took charge of their learning experience, they were curious about the French gastronomy, some used their French writing skills to write a critic about the tart: They made a French teacher’s dream come true!

Check out this recipe from PBS to make your very own tarte tatin, and check out the slideshow below to see all of the students’ tasty tarts!

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