Editorial Staff

    The Grace Gazette is produced and published by students in the Grace Church School High School Division’s journalism class. All GCS students in grades 9-12 are welcome to submit articles, photos, videos, and suggested topics to the journalism teacher Topher Nichols. If you have questions, comments, or feedback please contact Mr. Nichols or student editors/writers.


    Ellen Jorgensen ’19

    Culture Co-Editors

    Luke Morris ’19

    Jiwon Simpkins ’19

    Sports Editor

    Erica Grosso ’18

    Social Media Editor

    Gigi Diserio ’18

    Student Writers/Editors

    Emmaline Ellsworth ’19

    Malcolm Gibson ’19

    David Gottlieb ’18

    Ava Grosso ’20

    Eliza Kimball ’20

    Julia Kramberg ’20

    Ava Minot Pingree ’19

    Sam Murphy ’20

    Thea Polsky ’20

    Jack Posner ’18

    Wyatt Schiff ’18

    Will Simotas ’19

    Jackson Sohn ’20

    James Williams ’19

    Faculty Advisor

    Topher Nichols