Fall Sports Recap

    As October comes to a close, so are fall sports. Grace Athletics has had an amazing season as our teams– soccer, volleyball, cross-country, and tennis– have been working extremely hard. And their hard work has paid off, with all of our teams winning matches and improving their game all throughout the season. The Gazette got to catch up with members from the teams and get their thoughts about how they thought the season went.

    Boys JV Soccer:

    The Boys JV soccer team has had a very solid season. Though the team is finishing at 2-8, they team has improved drastically throughout the season. Sam Murphy ‘20, a member of the JV teams told the Gazette, “our season has had its ups and down, with injuries, tough losses, and adversity, but through it all we’ve had a successful season. We had some great leadership from our coaches, Phil and Alinor, and captains Benny Mander ‘21 and Simon Wigdor ‘21.” The team has had a few memorable games, including a 4-1 victory against St. Ann’s, the #2 team in the league, and beating Avenues 3-1. The team has worked very hard and came together as one unit throughout the season. Sam told the Gazette, “we’re all very proud of the season we’ve had and can’t wait for next year to get going again.”


    Girls Varsity Tennis:

    The girls varsity tennis team is having a season to be remembered, even if the team record does not paint the whole picture. Just this past week, the team rallied to win big, beating Avenues 4-1, putting their record at 7-9, despite a tough start to the season. Jack Posner ‘18 recently sat down with captain Beatrice Fakahany ‘19 and asked her a little bit about her outlook on the tennis season thus far. Jack inquired about what the mentality of the team was looking forward, and how they felt in reflection of this tremendous season. Beatrice told the Gazette, “our strategy this season has been to switch up our line up often to get everyone alternating between doubles and singles, spreading our strength across all our matches.” When asked about losing the seniors, Beatrice reflects on former captain Eva Burgos ‘17, and says that “losing a leader is tough, but we rallied.” On the topic of team dynamic Beatrice said, “the team dynamic involves a lot of teamwork, and one loss is felt by the whole team, and we care every time we let one slip away.” This summarizes the girls season well. Every game was hard fought, and a loss did not mean the girls did not give it their all. At the end of the day, what more can we ask for? Grace Athletics has come a long way, and the girls varsity tennis team’s determination reflects just that. 


    Boys Varsity Soccer:

    The boys varsity soccer team is having a phenomenal season. With five wins, two ties, and two losses, the boys varsity soccer team has qualified for the playoffs! Team co-captain Malcolm Gibson says “we all click, we know what has to get done and we work hard to execute that, were going all the way this year. Leading scorer Jiwon Simpkins has contributed 14 goals in 9 games to this seasons victories. Some game highlights include their win against Brooklyn friends, coming back from a one point deficit in the first half, and winning the game 3-2. Another game highlight includes their win against Staten Island Academy, winning by a whopping 4 points, with the final score settling at 6-2. The boys made it to the league Championship vs Packer last Thursday, and even though they lost, they played a great game and have so much to be proud of.

    Girls Varsity Soccer:

    The girls varsity soccer team has had somewhat of a difficult season. With two wins, four losses, and two ties, the girls ended the season not qualifying for the playoffs. 
    The losses of the team had little effect on the team’s spirit. Highlighting the senior players who will be leaving us next year, the girls worked cohesively with the guidance of three senior captains Jane Platt, Begonia El Koury, and Olivia Wilkins. No matter win or loss, the determination, hard work, and team spirit drove the team to be better every game. Begonia El Koury ‘18 told the Gazette, “the games ended up being based more on love and support than winning or losing.”With an influx of lower classmen joining the team this year, much of the season was spent figuring out players strengths. With success in the eyes of all the team, the girls varsity team hopes to learn from this season and bring their best next fall.


    Varsity Volleyball:

    Varsity volleyball is off to a decent start this season as they are .500 in the league and 3-7 overall. However, most of those losses have been close and hard fought. They beat Staten Island Academy and the Dwight School, with tough losses vs Packer and Sacred Heart. However, even with a losing record, the team is optimistic it has improved and feels it has a better team compared to last year: “I think that we are more well-rounded and work better together this year due to the new coach that we have” said Julia Kramberg ‘20. However, an anonymous Junior disagreed, saying that there has been issues with the coaching and that has been a reason why they have been bad. Kramberg disagrees with this junior and says it has to do more with the motivation: “We just don’t seem to care”, she said. We look forward to see how they continue to improve towards the end of the season and how they can learn and be more motivated next Fall.


    JV Volleyball:

    The JV Volleyball team is off to a great start. They have improved on their record from last year. They are 6-3 with only one loss in their league. They have beaten teams such as Friends and Berkeley Carroll. They attribute this success to being more united. Ava Grosso ‘20 told the Gazette, “the sophomores and freshmen get along well and we get along with the coaches. I think that that has made us better.” Coaching has also made a huge difference in the team’s performance. “Last year, we had three different coaches, and this year we have one constant coach who is experienced in volleyball and that has made us better” Grosso added.  Just like varsity volleyball, JV volleyball has made improvements this year and we will see if they can have a strong end of the season and take the positive momentum into next year.


    Varsity Cross Country:

    Cross Country has had a very successful season this fall. Even with a small team, they have been successful and are at the top of their league! They have been continuing to improve throughout the season. “we have had some really great freshman that our carrying our team”, said Camille Sege-Lawrence ‘18. She also added that they are coming together as a team with the new freshman, saying, “we all love spending time together, and have a super fun time at practice.” They seem to be having a really fun time and we look forward to seeing how they build upon the success of this year in the future.