America’s Outdated Constitution

    As days pass after yet another tragic public shooting, I cannot help but wonder how many more innocent lives must be taken until there is change. When considering what could be done, I realized that America’s constitution is to blame for the accessibility to these weapons. How much longer will we continue to govern our country on amendments that were written in 1787? To me, it seems ridiculous to be using the same laws that were made for America 200 years ago. How is America supposed to move forward when we have old laws holding our country back?

    The second amendment states that all men have the right to bear arms. Some people think that the second amendment should hold true today because they think “arms” refers to any and all firearms. When the constitution was created, arms referred to firearms that were not automatic. For example there were rifles: guns that took 5 minutes to load. Today, there are automatic weapons that fire 700 rounds per minute and can lead to mass murder and a multitude of other tragedies. Many irresponsible people are able to obtain guns because of this amendment. From the airport in Fort Lauderdale, the classroom in Sandy hook, or the theatre in Aurora, mentally unstable with help from the second amendment have caused permanent damage to a huge number of people. If guns are to be a part of our country, they must be used responsibly. We need to be stricter as to how we regulate who can legally purchase them. They are a privilege and a right that each American should have to prove worthy of and earn.  

    In the 2016 presidential election, the Electoral College was scrutinized. The majority of voters  were doubtful that the election process reflected the right candidate because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, yet Donald Trump won the presidency because of the electoral college. The Electoral College originates from an outdated and intrusive mindset intended to restrict the demographics of eligible voters. Today, as our democratic government strives towards equality and justice, it seems counterproductive to protect a system that undermines the rationality of its voters.

    So how is change obtainable? For the constitution to be revised and to meet our current society’s needs, 3/4ths of the state has to ratify to agree in order for a law to be made. This is a long, grueling, and complicated process. The last time an amendment was added was 1992. The newest amendment “prohibits any law that increases or decreases thea salary of members of Congress from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office for Representatives.”

    Our world has made monumental developments since 1787 and we cannot be held back with outdated regulations. For example, there is nothing pertaining to technology in the constitution yet our current society is almost entirely dependant on electronics. Why should we continue to live in the past when there is so much that can be done for the future of America?