Remember the Alamo

    Remember the Alamo.

    Before you, dear reader, suddenly think that we have suddenly been teleported to Texas, this Alamo is the Alamo Cube, not the famous last stand.


    For over a year the Alamo cube, the signature artistic landmark of NoHo, was crated up and shipped to New Jersey. This was not some sinister plot, or the work of a cubic kleptomaniac, but a part of the greater reconstruction of Cooper Square and Astor Place, a subject the Grace Gazette has written about several times in the past. Now, the newly restored cube, is due to return in June, as the work in the area creeps towards completion. This has inspired us the Grace Gazette to interview Ms. Joyce Kuh, the School’s director of development and liaison to the City Government in all issues pertaining to the reconstruction effort.

    Now, we here at the Grace Gazette realize that many of our readers don’t have the time to watch a fifteen minute interview, so while you can listen to the interview in its whole down below, here you can read a brief summary of the major details of the interview.

    First, who is Ms. Kuh; what does she do? Ms. Kuh is the school’s development director; she is responsible for raising money for the continued development of the school. Much of that money is headed the way of the high school, including the fabled fourth floor. Additionally, over half a decade ago when the city started to look into reconstructing the area they contacted the school for its thoughts on the project. Ms. Kuh was put on the case and several contributed changes to the area’s new design.

    On to the stuff you really want to hear: when is the thing going to be finished? Given the current estimates this date is early to mid September (the 13th or the 14th at the moment). Many of NoHo’s community groups (and the school itself) will be hosting an opening ceremony of sorts, though the details are not confirmed. However take this all with a big grain of salt. This project is already years behind schedule, a few more months delay is certainly possible.