The GCS Dance program operates under the assumption that anyone can dance and everyone has something to offer as a mover, maker, or critical thinker. The dance studio is home to dancers of all levels and backgrounds. Students, who have been taking ballet outside of school since they could walk, dance alongside those who have never stepped foot in a studio before. Despite background or previous training, students stretch themselves far beyond their comfort zone and what they think they know about dance. The emphasis is on facilitating a sense of embodiment, self-discovery, community and possibility. To dance and to embody thought and feeling as action is a bold act, and the students who step foot in the studio, many for the first time, are celebrated for the experiments they make and the risks they take. In the dance studio, between the play of language and movement, students wrestle with questions, process their place in the world, and prepare to step assuredly into it. 

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