3rd and 4th Grade, September, 2019

    A.1249. How many 4-digit numbers can you write using the following four digit cards: 2, 0, 1, and 9.

    A.1250. Olga and her dad are buying a bouquet of flowers. One daisy costs a third of the cost of a lily. They put 3 lilies and 4 daisies in the bouquet. The 3 lilies cost $11.25, and the wrapping costs $3.00. How much does the bouquet cost?

    A.1251. Last Saturday fish were swimming in two tanks in the store. In one of them there were sunfish, and in the other there were bass, for a total of 245 fish. By noon the store sold 58 sunfish and 43 bass, and now both tanks have the same number of fish in them. How many sunfish and how many bass were there in the tanks in the morning?

    A.1252. When you multiply a number by 5, you may get a number greater than 2009. How many such whole numbers below 2019 are there?

    A.1253. Fiona noticed in the candy store that she could buy 1 milk chocolate and 2 dark chocolates for the price of 1 chocolate with peanuts. For 2 milk chocolates and 8 dark chocolates she could buy exactly 3 chocolates with peanuts. How much does she have to pay if she buys one of each, and a dark chocolate costs $0.89?

    A.1254. There are new balloons for sale in a toy store. There are 10 balloons in a bag, 8 bags in a box, and 6 boxes in a carton. How many balloons are there on the shelf if there are 4 unopened cartons, and 3 open boxes missing 1 bag each?

    A.1255. In the market, one of the merchants has a 2-armed balance and plenty of 3-kg weights. At least how many 5-kg weights does he have to borrow if he wants to be able to measure any weight from 1 kg to 10 kg?

    A.1256. Aunt Annie is selling eggs in the market. If you buy more than 20 eggs, you get a 2-cent discount on every egg above 20. If you buy more than 50 eggs, you get an additional 3-cent discount on every egg above 50. This way the price of each egg above 50 is 19 cents. How much did my mother have to pay for 100 eggs?

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    The Sharma Kamala Educational Trust is sponsoring the participation of students from India. So, if you are a student living in India, please, send your solutions to: Group A from India

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