3rd and 4th Grade, September, 2017

    A.1137. Hen Samantha had 10 more baby chickens than her neighbor, Hen Diana. But last night 5 eggs hatched at both households, and now Samantha has twice as many baby chickens as Diana. How many baby chickens does each hen have?

    A.1138. In a car race the # 5 car started the race from the last-but-one place. It passed 7 cars in the first part of the course, but on a downhill section 2 cars passed it. In the next section of the race it passes 8 cars, but then it slid outwards during a turn and 4 cars passed it. This way it finished in 9th place. How many cars started the race if all of them finished it?

    A.1139. A fifth of the course of the car race is a narrow road in the forest, a third of this narrow road (an 8 km long section) is very muddy. How long is the course?

    A.1140. The final result of the car race was that Adam, Tom and Dave finished in the first three places in some order. One of them drove a Honda, the other drove a Ford, and the third drove a Renault racing car. We have the following information about them:

    – Tom’s friend, who drove a Ford, finished in third place.

    – The one who drove the Honda did not win the race.

    – Adam never set in a Renault or a Honda.

    – Tom did not race in a Honda.

    Find out the finishing places and the types of cars of these three guys.

    A.1141.When you multiply half of a number by the third of the number, you get 54. What number are we talking about?

    A.1142.On the night section of the car race in a very dangerous part, at and between the 78th and the 85th kilometer stones, they posted signal poles at every 20 meters on both sides of the road. How many signal poles did they post?

    A.1143.On average a race car uses 12 liters of gasoline every 50 km. On a difficult road that is curvy or uphill, the cars use 1/3 more. How many liters of gasoline do they use on a 450 km course of which 2/3 is difficult?

    A.1144.The organizers made a course more difficult by changing the surface of the road. 1/3 of the course is rocky, half of it is dirt road, and the last 12 km is in deep sand. How long is this course?

    Please send your solutions here.

    The Sharma Kamala Educational Trust is sponsoring the participation of students from India. So, if you are a student living in India, please, send your solutions to: Group A from India

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